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sarah janeSarah Jane loves shopping. However, the items she buys aren’t chic clothing and stylish shoes. No, Sarah Jane has a passion for collecting antique furniture to furnish her Victorian looking home with. From the gates of the house to the inside of her bedroom, all you’ll be seeing are beautiful antiques from various countries of origins.

Her most prized possession is her king-sized bed inside her bedroom. It is made out of mahogany with delicately placed golden markings and by golden, we mean real gold. Another part of it that makes the beauty of her antique bed is the fact the Sarah Jane really decked it out with velvet silk with a detailed embroidery of a nightingale.

Next to her bed is her wondrous boudoir that she says to have been the main cause of her love for antiquities. Apparently, it was handed down to her from her great-grandmother and since then, she has loved any furniture that are decades old with intricate designs to warm her heart with nostalgia.

Sarah Jane’s home is so full of antiquities that you might as well have travelled back in time by only stepping inside! It has absolute beauty that no modern design could ever match.

My home is pretty similar to this one:

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