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What to Look For When You Are Buying a Modern Coffee Table

modern coffee tableAfter you move to a new home, the next thing you’re going to need to do is to furnish your house. When we furnish our new homes, we tend to start with the first room we enter which is none other than the living room! Couches and other furniture such as drawers make your living room pretty but when you put a coffee table in the mix; the living room becomes PICTURE PERFECT!

The best thing about coffee tables isn’t that you can place your foot on top of them. Remember that they’re TABLES, not FOOTSTOOLS or OTTOMANS. Anyway, coffee tables are neat pieces of furniture because instead of bothering to buy shelves that you would most likely bump into, even worse get fallen over with, you can place your magazines and other items there instead. Don’t worry about your adorable little porcelain figures and your comic books with sentimental value not fitting under or in a coffee table because they come in different styles and colors!

However, don’t be rash with your decision to buy a coffee table and start considering what you should look for when you’re buying coffee tables. Here’s a list of things that you should think about:

1.) The structure of your living room

modern room

Just because you have a living room doesn’t mean that you need to place a coffee table in it. First consider the area of your living room if it’s large enough or too small. Furnish it first with the most basic furniture such as couches and modes of entertainment such as a TV, a radio, or even gaming consoles. Don’t forget the drawers, too. If there’s still space wide enough in your living room that still has enough space for a coffee table, then you may consider buying one.

There are plenty of modern coffee tables sold in furniture stores or even online stores which comes in various shapes and sizes. If you have smaller space, then choose a round coffee table. If you have a big enough space for a rectangular coffee table, the go ahead and purchase one. Just make sure that when you do have a coffee table, be careful so that you wouldn’t trip on it, face plant on it, flop on it, or even get your flawless knees bruised by them.

2.) The style of your coffee table


It’s important to make sure that the style of your coffee table is exactly your style or they might just become a huge oddity in your living room and may even cause great irritation to obsessive-compulsive people. Modern coffee tables come in various shapes and sizes as mentioned earlier. Some coffee tables even look like huge rocks with rounded edges, some look like sturdy versions of stretchers, and some even look like wooden beds without foam or even ice-cube storages. Don’t worry about not finding your type of coffee table because there’s so much to choose from the proper looking ones to the odd looking ones!

No matter what kind of coffee table you choose, make sure that it reflects your personality and is perfectly your style to feel at ease with it. Your coffee table’s style is also the one that determines whether you’re more of a magazine reader or if you’re the type of person that places various items inside or under their coffee table.

3.) The price of your coffee table

Coffee tables are usually pricey due to the materials used to make them or their fancy designs. If you’re on a budget or if you simply want to buy cheaper ones, there are hand me downs available usually in bazaars. By doing so, you wouldn’t have to worry about a single piece of furniture bearing holes into your wallet, draining your money in one go!

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