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The Number One Mistake When Shopping For Shoes Online

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If you decide to purchase shoes online there are certain points that you should consider. Firstly you should never assume that every single retailer, model or brand is going to be the same with regards to sizes.

You could easily find what is your size in one online store is too big or too small at another. Assuming that all shoes will be identical regarding sizing is probably the biggest mistake made by people when buying shoes from an online supplier.

It is a good idea to check the size chart if this is available, or failing this contact the retailer and ask for specific details so that you can check the item will potentially be a good fit when you order and receive it. This is also a perfect opportunity to check how organized the retailer is, whether they are helpful and if they respond to you in a timely manner.

If it takes days for them to reply or they simply do not bother then the chances are that they are not the best place for you to be thinking about spending your money. Whilst buying your shoes may seem like a time saving exercise you are not going to want to spend days trying to get a refund when you find that the shoes do not fit or are not as you expected.

Finally you should always check that the retailer offers a no quibble full money back guarantee as this will alleviate any problems in returning if you need too.

Here’s a good video that shows you the correct way to do an online shopping on ebay:

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